I am Linda Bennett, candidate for North Carolina House of Representatives District 26.

I have scouted the world for business development opportunities,

Created and managed multi-million dollar budgets, and spent my working life solving problems through fact based collaborations with my team,

From senior level business management in a Fortune 500 Pharma company to starting my own business, to raising livestock on my farm,

I have got you covered. 

My science background allows me to critically examine complex health/environmental issues and develop sound solutions. I want to use all of these life experiences to keep North Carolina a great place to raise a family, bring your business, and retire in a clean, green beautiful state.

I have lived down on the farm in rural Johnston County since 1986 with my partner Susan. 


    Education develops talant

We need to:

  • Develop a clear long-term education strategy
  • Develop a long-term funding strategy using a state/local partnership formula
  • Pay teachers for the professional job they do, get to national average pay as soon as possible, reinstate incentive pay and a path for salary growth
  • Offer Pre- K.  In grades 8-12,offer vocational training so every child graduates with a job skill or college credit.
  • Let teachers teach and develop creative curricula


Jobs follow talent

We need to:


  • Get students trained and adults re-trained to fill jobs business needs.
  • Actively recruit Pharma/Biotech companies to augment our already sizable Pharma presence.
  • Encourage vocational and skilled trades training starting in middle school.


We need to:

  • Expand Medicaid
  • Reduce prescription drug prices
  • Fund opiate addiction and crisis treatment
  • Keep coverage for pre-existing conditions in insurance policies and set up insurance exchanges
  • We do not want to return to providing basic healthcare through emergency rooms at taxpayer expense. 


We need to:

  • Develop an affordable, statewide accessible high-speed internet critical for business growth, healthcare, education and allow people to stay in their community as the work from home economy expands
  • Continue to invest in road, bridges, and rail using funding and prioritization models that explore state/ local funding partnerships so that no communities are forgotten


Communities thrive when each member is valued.

  • Future success depends on developing an inclusive, diverse social fabric where every citizen is valued equally regardless of gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, religion or national origin. 
  • Women deserve equal pay for equal work. I will work tirelessly to end disparities in healthcare, criminal justice, education, and voting rights
  • All North Carolinians deserve to be treated dignity and respect without exception.